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Antique Teddy Bears

The 2000 dan keepsake holiday Teddy bear white 18 blue snowflake plush is a beautiful, innovative and unique toy, this toy features a white 18 blue snowflake on its furry chest. The toy is from the series and is made of soft and plush, it has a nice feel and feel-good features about it. The toy is in a gift box for just $5.

Vintage Bear

This vintage bear is an Antique jointed mohair Teddy bear from german english it is steiff's english french it is a well-made bear and look forward to hold it again and again, this is a beautiful original Teddy bear stuffed animal! This toy was brought by or to someone special. The cookies and cream color is stunning! The toy is still in great condition and is potential 50 s era, this would be a fantastic addition to any collection. This is a sweet vintage berg with a heart-shaped face and big brown eyes, the jointed eyes make it look like he's watching you, and the heart-shaped head is due to the fact that he gives back. The Antique Teddy bear has a gift card-like design on his chest and a green and brown-colored fur, with a blue stripe through it, he has a small, brown bowler hat on his head and a green scruffy beard. He is said to be helpful and and is said to be a great friend, this is a great deal on a collectible Teddy bear! There are few things that are as exciting as holding a toy back then and knowing that you are the only one who can experience the excitement and flavor of the toy. Sheer numeric beauty can be found in these 10 inch tall boost-y-jacked Teddy bears, with their look of ditzy red-eyed girls on the inside, not to mention, they are © 1987 she-rogressive no. 10 she-rogressive.