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Fred Bear Vintage Equipment

This is a great opportunity to purchase 1986 Fred Bear Vintage Equipment - such as a brochure and brochure for your store, these Equipment are original and in great condition. They are great addition to your Vintage look and feel, these Equipment are still in great condition and are great buy at today's prices.

Old Fred Bear

This is a very early 1979 catalog from the grizzly archery company, it's a good example of Vintage original Fred Bear equipment. The catalog is comprehensive with information on all the amazing features of the new archery machine, this is a great gift for the archery enthusiast in your life! This is an old Fred Bear compound bows with black pistol grip and green arrows. This bow is in great condition and looks like it was made with use, the black pistol grip is an iconic feature of old Fred Bear bows and makes them more versatile for all shooting opportunities. The bow also features a small plastic animal named after Fred that is complete with a green arrow and "old Fred bear" inscription, this bow is perfect for any arrows, bow hunting, or arrows use! This Vintage Bear longbow is a great addition to your archery Equipment arsenal. The Bear design is something that has been with the industry for a long time and is sure to last long in the community, this Bear longbow is made from heavy gauge silver plated metal and features an easy to use action. The Bear is sure to serve you well and is a great addition to any archery collection, this Vintage catalog from 1958 shows some of the Equipment that Fred Bear archery Equipment could use. This is a good time to buy some new arrows, bowstrings, and laces.