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Polo Bear Sweater

This Polo ralph lauren men's Bear knit Sweater is a splendid piece for the modern mom or dad, it's stylish and release the from the restraint and comes in sizes medium and large.

Ralph Lauren Bear Sweater

This ralph Sweater is a must-have for any Polo player, the colors are first-rate for any season and the style is stylish. This Bear Sweater is a good purchase for any player, the ralph lauren teddy Bear Sweater hoodie will keep you warm and cozy, while the fabric ensures a comfortable fit. Other features of this model are the excellent look and feel of the clothing and the good quality in terms of construction, the Polo Bear Sweater is a comfortable and stylish Sweater that is excellent for any weather conditions. It is manufactured from 100% Bear fabric and renders a comfortable fit, the Sweater is manufactured to provide a good amount of warmth and is manufactured to be a stylish and functional sweater. This Polo Sweater Bear is a terrific accessory for your Polo ralph lauren outfit, the Bear is fabricated of 100% wool and gives a black fabric shirt. It features a small black bow at the back of the bear, and is manufactured to tailor a chest that measures in at size up to.